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"BooksOnDemand.com wins our loyalty for their speed in getting things done, and their courtesy and patience in tolerating those last minute changes that always seem to occur. Their fast service allows us to order only the number of books needed, and if the demand goes up, we can get new books printed and shipped quickly. I also appreciate that they don’t try to twist my arm to sell me services I don’t need...."

Judge Stan Billingsley (Ret.)

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"BooksOnDemand.com wins our loyalty for their speed in getting things done, and their courtesy and patience in tolerating those last minute changes that always seem to occur. Their fast service allows us to order only the number of books needed, and if the demand goes up, we can get new books printed and shipped quickly. I also appreciate that they don’t try to twist my arm to sell me services I don’t need."
Judge Stan Billingsley (Ret.)
LawReader Books, WI

"Having written a 500+ page (8 1/2 x 11) history of the small village of about 150 people where I grew up, I contacted several print-on-demand companies on-line. BooksOnDemand.com was the only one which would do my 500 pages in one volume. They helped me combine the different parts so that the pagination was separate for each part. The cost was very reasonable. I ordered 25 at a time, questioning whether they would sell well. Within six months, I had sold 100 copies. I was very pleased with the quality of the printing and binding. When I re-ordered, I received my copies within a week. I would recommend them to anyone."
Gladys Airgood
Servia, WI

"I selected BooksOnDemand.com because they are close, it can print small numbers of copies and the pricing is very reasonable. I believe that BooksOnDemand.com was the best for achieving my desired results when I saw the proof copy. The successful results for working with them are because of the short time to do the printing and reasonable pricing and no extra cost for boxes to pack the books"
Michael Piechowski

"I located the company online and had not heard of them previously. I selected BooksOnDemand.com because they were able to print and bind my book in the size and binding that I desired. Other publishers and print companies did not offer the larger size hard bound book publishing. The final product was perfect. The ability of BooksOnDemand.com to deliver the product I desired on my time schedule in the quantity I desired and ship to two different locations made it the perfect fit for my needs. I truly enjoyed working with my rep on this project. She made it easy to understand the process and make the necessary decisions and know immediately the effect of changes I made that affected the total cost. Thanks for doing a good job - Purchasers of my book love it."
Michael N. Arterburn

"I was extremely pleased with the work of BooksOnDemand.com. They did exactly as we had requested and the quality of the 1,000 books that we requested was excellent. They also met every deadline that they promised and were in timely communication with us so that we knew exactly when the books were available to us. The price that they quoted us was fair and competitive. We already have sold over 300 books within a week and a half since we put them on sale and every review we have heard or read has been positive about the books that BooksOnDemand.com provided for us."
Ron Akin
Co-Writer, WI

"BooksOnDemand.com is a company that I have used for several years to self publish a book and I highly recommend them. The staff has always been very generous with their time and they have been very gracious in offering help and answering my questions. Their website is easy to use to reorder my books and I receive these orders very promptly."
Marianne Harper
The Art of Practice Management, WI

"When I realized the cost of using a local printer for our project, I turned to the internet in search of a better deal. That’s where I found BooksOnDemand.com. After speaking with one of the sales representatives, I was impressed with their knowledge and quick response to all of my questions. When I received my first order and saw the quality of their work, I knew I made the right decision. I continue to use BooksOnDemand.com not only for the quality of their work, but the on time delivery. I highly recommend!"
FASCO Las Vegas, NV, WI

"We initially approached BooksOnDemand.com because they were a local resource. We investigated their success stories, and reviewed other projects they had completed. But we could not have imagined how fortunate we were to have checked into their business practice; as a result, we have results that topped even our own expectations. And to accompany our relationship, we had a delightful staff who worked practically round the clock in order to meet our deadlines, made concessions on common practices to 'go the nine' for us, and all at prices that couldn't be beat! Thank you, BooksOnDemand.com!"
Deb Glenn
Aashka Unlimited, WI

"Please accept this letter in appreciation for all your extra efforts in the publishing of the first two of my books, A Just Cause and A Tale of the American West. I should always remember your help in getting my books in print. As you know I found BooksOnDemand.com through a web search in the early days of my writings and publishing and from that day I have found your price compatible and your service superior. This to me is the winning combination."
Joseph R. Pugia
Senior – Worldwide Publishers, LLC, WI

"I found BooksOnDemand.com searching the internet looking for a place where I could easily print a textbook for my students. Being able to get an instant quote for the book and the kindness of the staff made me decide in favor of BooksOnDemand.com and I wasn’t wrong. Since this was the first book that I printed, there were a lot of unknowns for which I got all of the answers contacting BooksOnDemand.com by phone. There was always someone very kind to answer any type of question I had. I find this extremely helpful. Uploading of the material was easy and the job was done even before the promised time. I am sure that I will contact BooksOnDemand.com in the future when I need to print a new book."
Ivana Vico
USDA-ARS Food Quality Lab, WI

"I chose BooksOnDemand.com at the suggestion of my illustrator. They worked closely with me to achieve the desired result. Moreover, they were fast and thorough and produced a high quality product, perfectly bound, spaced, glued and with vibrant color to the illustrations"
Elton A. Foster
Waller & Associates, WI

"I'm a very picky person with high standards and I can spot what's wrong with something from a mile away. BooksOnDemand.com gave us fast, top-notch service and delivered our many different books to us without consternation of any kind. If I ever need more books printed, I'm going back to BooksOnDemand.com. You can take my word that they are great to work with."
Allen Edwall
Rosicrucian Fellowship, WI

"I am very pleased about the customer service given to me by BooksOnDemans.com. I selected them specifically because of their satisfied customers, friendly employees, they are professional and dependable, and great records of proper care. This company helped me very much with helping to put my book together so that it could be published. I feel that working with BooksOnDemand.com is successful because my book has made people laugh, cry, and relate to similar problems. To see how well they have done their work, look at my book 'My Favorite Childhood Memories Forever' on BarnesandNobles.com and Amazon.com. About the author (if possible add photo “Roy Aarons Photo.jpg” here) – Roy L. Aarons is an author who loves his job. He was born in Pensacola, Florida. His birthday is on December 5, 1944. Roy L. Aarons went to the school of Booker T. Washington Sr. High. He was the graduating class of 1962. He is residing in New York City. The book he has published is called “My Favorite Childhood Memories Forever”. This book tells you about how easy it is to get in trouble if you hang out with bad company. It’s all about what you should and should not do. The message is that life is short so don’t waste your time because you only get one. Roy L. Aarons’ motto is ‘You only live once so make your presence known’. This is strongly delivered in his book."
Roy L. Aarons

"I am delighted to tell you how happy P.K. and I both have been working with BooksOnDemand.com. We had several test book printed at a local printer first. They did a good job, but were quite expensive. P.K. did quite a bit of research and thought BooksOnDemand.com would give us a good product, with quick turnaround and at a reasonable price. BooksOnDemand.com did just that, but the thing that stood out for us was the quality of our interaction with the BooksOnDemand.com staff. The book is beautiful. A copy editor/friend who bought the first one told us of two corrections and we made them in the second printing. All our correspondence with BooksOnDemand.com by phone or email was friendly and helpful, which we have only had with a handful of very customer-oriented companies over the past 15 or so years. It is such a pleasure to deal with your organization, which is located not too far from where my daughter lives. Because of that, on our way to the National Wellness Institute's annual conference from my daughter's home in Mt. Horeb, we detoured to Stoughton to meet Kelli and say hello to the BooksOnDemand.com staff who had made such an impression. Though writing a book is a lot of work, marketing it requires even more dedication. When we are ready to print again, you can be sure we will return to BooksOnDemand.com. I have recommended it to everyone at my writing group. We get many compliments on the quality of our book, and queries from other would-be truly self-published writers, but until they are in touch with BooksOnDemand.com, they won't really appreciate how convenient, easy and enjoyable it can be to take on a quality printing job for their project."
Sally L. Luckenbach

"I selected BooksOnDemand.com because it is perfect for my company, KLR Publishing’s needs. I had a large print company that I was originally working with but their prices were too high, their customer service needed improvement, and I could only place large orders with them. I believed that BooksOnDemand.com was best for achieving the desired results for KLR Publishing based on my initial contact with BooksOnDemand.com’s representatives. I was having some manuscript format problems and they advised me on the best solution and solved the problem promptly. My printing needs were met to my satisfaction and delivery of the product was reliable and timely. BooksOnDemand.com helped make needed changes to my book covers. They also helped convert the manuscript from a non-PDF format to PDF. The result of working with BooksOnDemand.com is that I can plan book ordering and distribution without concern of delivery of books from BooksOnDemand.com. I am a satisfied client. After having worked with two other publishing companies, I can appreciate the professionalism and service of BooksOnDemand.com. KLR Publishing is a small company that is treated like a big client at BooksOnDemand.com."
Alton Roundtree – KLR Publishing

"After searching online for POD printers, BooksOnDemand.com was one of only two companies which would handle our landscape-oriented book; because I could talk directly with a customer service representative, BooksOnDemand.com was chosen. Talking with Kelli Harvey showed me that she grasped the concept of our unique book. Her company was also less expensive than the other printer. I could send my formatted pages using the software from my computer and did not have to purchase an expensive book design program. BooksOnDemand.com went out of their way to make sure that the color photographs we would be using were of the best resolution. Based upon my mock-ups, they designed the covers the way we wanted them; in addition, BooksOnDemand.com pointed out a flaw that I had not seen when choosing colors against our specific photographic background. Both the books and postcards we ordered were top quality products and the turnaround time was phenomenal. BooksOnDemand.com goes the extra mile in providing great assistance; they want their customers to realize the book they have envisioned. We are working on our next book title and Kelli has already given me pointers as to how to overcome some formatting problems. J R Media Group, LLC is looking forward to working with BooksOnDemand.com on this project."
Joseph P. Higgins – J R Media Group, LLC

"As anyone knows who has frequent book publishing needs or other printing needs, it can be very hard to find consistent high quality book printing at a reasonable price combined with reliable service and fast delivery times all with friendly service. Look no further you will find all these important qualities at with BooksOnDemand.com."
Wayne Byers – LaVonne Publishing